Plastic UHMWPE 8mm colorful thin rubber sheet

Plastic UHMWPE 8mm Colorful Thin Rubber
  • Seller Shandong Jinruida Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 1 Ton/Tons
  • FOB Price US $1-2 /Square Meter

Item Details

Port: Qingdao
Supply Ability: 300 Ton/Tons per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Product Description

Engineering Rigid UHMW Polyethylene Material plastic sheet supplier


Engineering UHMW polyethylene Material Rigid Polyethylene plastic board/sheet is light,anti-vibratiion,wear-resistance,corrosion-resistance,low-friction,coefficient,anti-aging,inflammation-preventing and electrostatic-resistance.



ITEM: UHMW Polyethylene plastic sheet PE plastic sheet
MATERIAL: uhtra-high molecular weight polyethylene polyethylene
Color: white, green, bule, black,red,yellow white,green,blue,black,red,yellow
Size: 100*2000 1280*6000 1500*3100 1.5*7000 2400*4200 mm 1.5*n mm
Thickness: 6mm to 300mm 0.5mm to 40mm
Package: Solid pallet with protective film inside Pallet wooden case

Because UHMW Polyethylene plastic sheet has excellent abrasion resistance it is often used for lining chutes, hoppers and UHMW Polyethylene plastic sheet is also used for slideways and wear blocks in aggressive environments. UHMW Polyethylene plastic sheet is often found in food production environments where high volumes of containers need to be guided along conveyors or production lines. Because UHMW Polyethylene plastic sheet has very low moisture absorption, it is also found in some high demand areas of marine applications. UHMW Polyethylene plastic sheet is sometimes used in cryogenic components due to its low operating temperature abilities.


1,Used as lining board for bunker,chute,mixer,warehouse etc selflubrication and wear resisting needed areas
2,Made into block,dock fender board etc special purpose and special shaped products.
3,Made into all kinds of mechanical parts according to drawings under the help of lathe,mill machine and mould.
4,Due to the excellent property of high intensity and impact resisting,UHMWPE boards have been used in military include pallet for bulletproof jacket and bulletproof shield ,Protection level III and IV .
5,Other fields include Ice rink,water tank etc


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Shandong Jinruida Environmental Protection Technolagy Co., Ltd. is one of the largest Engineering Plastic products manufacture in China. All of our stuff are dedicated to producing satisfying products and developing new products for our customer.
We have gained many certificates from government in the field. We are specialized in UHMWPE products, like UHMWPE Sheet , UHMWPE Fender, UHMWPE linings for hoppers and chutes, and it's machined parts.
UHMWPE products are widely applied on electric fields ,wharf and port ,mining ,chemical plant and so on, which bring a lot of social benefits and economic benefits .Now they are popular all over the world.
We always share the things "Quality first, Customer first ,keeping improving " to win more benefits for our customer.
In order to achieving rapid and sustainable development, we are willing to establish a wide and deep cooperation relation with enterprises both home and abroad.


Our company adopted the most advanced Oriented type pressing machine,the pressure can be up to 1500t/M2

The pressure is ten times of normal pressing machine.The most important is that we have guide post which make the pressing machine rise steadily and the sheet can be strengthed evenly and smoothly.

This processing method is called pressure molding means .Its main character is it will not affected by the molecule weight of UHMWPE.Even the highest molecule weight of UHMWPE can be reprocessed by our machine


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